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What can I say except this is a WONDERFUL daycare facility!

I have a son, who is 7, and a daughter, who is 5. Both of my children started at Little Learners when they were 6 weeks old.

Here are two stories I share with everyone regarding LLCDC.

When my son was 7 weeks old he developed RSV. Now keep in mind he started LLCDC at 6 weeks old so he has only been in daycare for 1 week. I made a phone call to Lisa, who I barely knew, to let her know that he was hospitalized with RSV and would be out sick for a few days. She was not available at the time so I left this on her voice mail. Within 30 minutes I received a phone call from her asking me how he was and how I was doing. We ended up talking for over 45 minutes about everything that was going on with my son and she reassured me that everything would be OK and that we were in her prayers. I was blown away that someone who barely new me or my child would spend that much time with me. Right then I knew that she deeply cared for EVERY child that attended her program. When my son returned to school the next week I was so relieved to know that the people I was leaving my first born with were so in tuned to his needs. He had to be given breathing treatments twice a day for 2 weeks and they had no problems taking on this task while handling the other babies in the nursery. They are true masters at multitasking!

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had your normal blood work done, but to my surprise one of the tests came back that she could have Down Syndrome. I was heart-broken and a complete utter mess. I talked to Lisa and explained to her that I wasn't sure of the outcome but wanted her to know what was going on. Once again she took the time to discuss everything with me and assured me that they would do everything at the facility to make sure her needs would be met. This was a huge relief to me and my husband. Luckily, the tests came back as a false positive and my daughter did not have Down Syndrome. However, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was three days old. She had to wear a brace 24/7 and required a little more extra attention (she was a bit cranky) because of her brace. The girls in the nursery were AWESOME! They developed very quickly to her and her brace and took everything in strides.

My children did well and thrived in each and every room they went to. The girls in each room were always a positive role model in my kids’ lives.

My son is getting ready to go into 2nd grade and my daughter has just graduated the Preschool program at LLCDC. My time at LLCDC is coming to end and I am sad to say I will miss every one there very much.

If I have to leave you with one thing it would be that not only are you looking at a Superb Day Care Facility but you will not find better people to care for your child like Lisa, Gary, Denise and Mrs Ty and the rest of the crew at LLCDC. They will be a great foundation and support system in your child's life and yours.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out again.
We have two little girls. Our oldest started at Lil Learners at age 2 and she just graduated from Preschool at LL last Friday. Our youngest daughter is 18 months old and started at LL at age 3 months. I love the Center, the caregivers, teachers, and Lisa. I have two different standards for my kids.. I wanted a place where my daughters, when they were infants and toddlers, would be held and loved and given a lot attention and a lot of structure and I can't tell you how impressed I am with the care givers of the younger rooms. They love my kids and that is what matters to me most. As my oldest daughter got older, I also wanted her to be at a school where she would be learning and a place with a lot of structure (because we have a lot of structure at home), and again, LL succeeds in that aspect as well. In fact, we are sending our daughter to the full day kindergarten program at LL in the Fall. My oldest started at a different daycare center when she was three months old and that other center, which was a five star NAEYCE accredited center, doesn't come close LL. Lisa is very picky about the teachers/caregivers that she hires and compared to other centers, there is not much turnover, which not only is good for the kids, but really reflects how well LL is operated.

My husband and I are away from our kids about 10 hours a day because of our jobs and I can honestly say there is no other center I would rather my kids go.
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