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Day Care Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Little Learners' Child Development Center of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania , prepares young people for excellence with child care and educational services.
With a well-rounded curriculum, we help your children learn important educational and social skills. All students receive a morning snack, a full lunch, and an afternoon snack. Contact our day care and learning center for detailed enrollment information.

Private Full Day Kindergarten — 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Our structured kindergarten program is designed for parents who want a more challenging academic program for their children. In addition to reading, phonics, math, health, science, and social studies, we offer Spanish as well.
For your convenience and to save you money, kindergarten tuition includes before- and after-school care for your child. Show your interest in our program by contacting us for a tour of our facilities. At that time, we will go over all of the necessary information.

Structured Learning Curriculum

Little Learners' Child Development Center specializes in age appropriate instruction for children ages 12 months to 2 years. To promote skills development, we incorporate high-reach learning and Mother Goose activities, focusing on age appropriate skills, including but not limited to gross motor development, language development and social development.
For children 3 years old to preschool age, programs are teacher-developed, focusing on skills they need to master for school success. Children can attend up to 10 hours per day anytime during our scheduled hours.

Summer Schedules

During the summer, we maintain structure but we also make learning fun with activities such as soccer shots, Kung Fu, water play, and field trips. For your planning purposes, our hours remain the same during the summer.
Cultivate your child's natural learning abilities by calling us at (717) 671-4825 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for more information on child care and educational services.